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This is what people are saying about Canadian Amy Cooper who is also a Waterloo grad

The viral video of Canadian Amy Cooper calling the police on a Black man in Central Park is still the talk on social media today.

Cooper, who is from Ontario and went to school at the University of Waterloo, was fired from her job at Franklin Templeton after she was widely condemned for her racist behaviour.

More details keep getting revealed about Cooper, like where she adopted the Cocker Spaniel she's seen wrangling in the video and that she's since surrendered that dog back to the shelter.

Oh yes, she's also Canadian, according to her Instagram bio before it became private, to the horror of people who were under the impression Canadians aren't capable of racism. 

And before Cooper's LinkedIn page was disabled, University of Waterloo graduates were horrified to learn that Central Park Karen, as she's been dubbed, is a fellow alumni of the Ontario school. 

A number of people have messaged the university directly to see what the school has to say about holding their students or alumni accountable when it comes to anti-Black racism.

The investment banker has since told CNN that she's "not a racist", and that her "entire life is being destroyed right now." 

But evidently there's little pity for her in the United States, in Canada, or in the hearts of Waterloo grads. 

Comic strips are now being made.

News coverage is being disected for its reporting bias.

Christian Cooper, the man who filmed the entire encounter, has been interviewed on various news shows.

And viral videos are being shared.

In one fell swoop (read: a disturbing, incriminating video), Cooper has managed to destroy the notion that all Canadians are nice, or that all university grads make educated decisions. 

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Christian Cooper

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