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Canadian man arrested by police after racist rant caught on video

A man in Canada has been arrested for hate crimes after hurling racial slurs at a family in their Brampton home.

A rattling five-part video was posted to Twitter this week showing the incident n question. Edited together from footage taken by what looks to be a porch cam and a cell phone, text superimposed over the clips discerns what's being said.

The videos start right away with a clip of the man's first use of the N-word. The video states that he seems to have the wrong house, as he pounds on the door and says, "I don't appreciate you n-----s making comments about my f---in' daughter."

Text superimposed on the video explains that this family has never seen or heard of this man's daughters before. Logically the family has been sheltering in place indoors as most people are at this time, and they say they had not been out that day, the person filming even exclaiming at one point they'd been inside working on writing a book.

The video shows the mother of the family answering the door first, though she's quickly joined by her children as the situation becomes confrontational, the man continuing to insist there had been an interaction with his daughters, trying to force his way into the house and calling the family "motherf---in' n-----s."

At this point the mother warns her family to stay inside the house, and the police are called when the man won't leave their property.

As tensions mount, the person making the video keeps filming on a cell phone while yelling at the man in anger from the balcony of the house, his mother and sister trying to prevent him from engaging.

According to the video, the man continued to bash on the family's door, threatening to kill them and calling them "porch monkey" as they waited for police, who showed up about 25 minutes after they reported the incident. The video says that the man "got four charges including hate crime."

The final video concludes the thread with text superimposed over some of the most chilling clips reading, "Racism doesn't exist in Canada right? #racismincanada" and "Hate crime in Canada."

Earlier this week in Brampton a principal was temporarily removed from their position for making racist and xenophobic comments.

People have been retweeting this video with assertions that racism in Canada is just as bad as it is in the United States.

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