Essential workers pay increase

Essential workers in Canada are getting a wage increase

Those at the forefront of the pandemic are getting a boost in their wages, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today.

Trudeau said today during a press conference that essential workers across Canada can expect a wage increase as they continue to put themselves first to serve the country during this time.

He said that the federal government is working to finalize plans with all provinces and territories to increase the hourly wages and salaries of essential workers across the country.

The amount and who is eligible for this new wage top-up will be up to the provinces and territories, Trudeau said, as each one has a different definition of what constitutes an essential worker.

Last month Ontario introduced a $4 "temporary pandemic payment" increase in hourly wages for frontline workers that included staff at long-term care and retirement homes, emergency shelters, correctional institutions, youth justice facilities and home and community care workers.

In addition to healthcare workers, this may include or may not include grocery clerks, truck drivers, certain medical technicians and anyone "risking your health to keep this country moving."

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