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Heaviest aircraft ever built just flew into Canada carrying PPE

The Antonov AN-225 Mriya has a wingspan of seven TTC buses and is the world's largest, heaviest cargo plane, and it just landed at one of Canada's major airports.

Pearson International Airport in Toronto welcomed the gigantic aircraft, which has been carrying PPE and other supplies to fight the pandemic, on May 30.

Previously the massive plane had landed at a Montreal airport at the beginning of May.

The AN-225 landed in Anchorage on May 29 from Nagoya before heading to Toronto on May 30.

PPE had been collected from China for the AN-225 to transport.

The only other time the aircraft has visited Toronto was in 2014.

Normally these types of planes are used to carry air and space craft parts, precious stones, pharmaceuticals, computer components, produce, food and textiles.

Currently, the AN-225 is flying all over the world delivering crucial pandemic cargo like medical supplies, perishable goods and materials for supporting economic recovery.

Here it is unloading some of the PPE supplies.

Close to half of Canada's air cargo moves through Pearson airport on a 24/7 basis.

Plane spotters were out in full force on May 30 for a rare chance to see and film this enormous airplane.

Lead photo by

Caroline Mulroney

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