Casey memorial halifax

Here's what the Jennifer Casey memorial in Halifax looked like

Yesterday marked a sombre occasion in Canada when the casket of Captain Jennifer Casey was brought to her hometown of Halifax in a moving ceremony by the Royal Canadian Air Force.

On Sunday afternoon, the body of the Snowbirds pilot — who was tragically killed in a crash last week — was returned home during a ramp ceremony by the RCAF at Halifax International Airport.

Members of the RCAF dressed in uniform and performed physically distanced marches and traditions while each wearing black face coverings during the ceremony.

Family and friends joined the RCAF members in welcoming home the Public Affairs official who died tragically after takeoff in Kamloops, British Columbia on May 17.

A military cargo plane was used to transport the casket across the country where it was draped in the Canadian flag and eventually carried down the loading ramp toward a hearse that awaited it.

Members of the RCAF paused while carrying the casket, then turned and proceeded forward toward the hearse while a salute was performed and bagpipes began to play.

After the casket was placed inside, the hearse lead a procession through the streets of Halifax in Casey's honour.

As of now, the Snowbirds are grounded but have said that they intend to fly again.

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