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This is how to get a job during social distancing in Canada

With social distancing measures in place, the process of how to get a job in Canada is undergoing a radical transformation; job seekers are navigating a brave new world of virtual résumés and interviews — and here's what that process looks like.

Firstly, job seekers have to get creative with their résumé.

With over a million Canadians out of work, the competition is steep, and you have to find new ways to make your application stand out from the (virtual) crowd.

Fortunately, Canadians have risen to the challenge — including Justin Orfus, whose cover letter tailored to our times might make someone want to hire him instantly.

Then, job seekers have to navigate the virtual job interview.

With platforms like Zoom and Google Hangout taking off, video interviews are becoming increasingly commonplace — and while job candidates might have to deal with some connectivity issues, they also get to wear pyjama bottoms during the job interview.

Although candidates still have to seem professional from the waist-up.

Many candidates have to brush up on their video interview skills as well, unless they're lucky enough to get a phone interview.

But, as this Winnipeg professor pointed out, the biggest skill is just to always check your camera angle before you start the job interview.

With a few provinces now lifting social distancing measures, some parts of Canada might be back to regular job interviews soon — so enjoy Zoom interviews in your pyjamas while you can.

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Nenad Stojkovic

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