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A humpback whale is swimming in Montreal and it's the joy we all need right now

Montreal, the Canadian city hardest hit by the pandemic, is being treated to a bit of lighthearted relief in the form of a humpback whale that has made its way a little too far south down the St. Lawrence River.

This is believed to be the first time that the species has ever been spotted in the area — and this particular whale seems to be making the most of it.

Photos and videos captured on the scene near the city's  Jacques Cartier Bridge show the whale gleefully frolicking around in the waters, giving residents a bit of a show.

It is one of just many instances of more frequent wildlife sightings across the country and the world over the past weeks that businesses have been closed and people are staying inside more. It is unknown if this is the same whale that was spotted around Quebec City last week, but that seems quite likely.

The whale is believed to be a strong, healthy teenager, and may be lost, hungry, or just plain adventurous.

"It's a very unusual situation," a representative from the Quebec Marine Mammal Emergency Network told the CBC on Saturday, referring to the traveling teen as "a vagrant."

"It's the first time that we see a humpback past the Quebec area. It's quite a journey for this animal."

Though the sight has been a joy for locals, there is some concern about the not-so-little creature finding his way back home, which for them is the salt waters 500 km north near Tadoussac, Quebec.

Many are finding the rare occurrence to be just another example of the completely unpredictable year we've had so far.

And others are thankful for the bit of happiness and levity that the whale has brought to the city.

Whatever its reason for coming to greet Montrealers, hopefully the animal will begin its return home soon and will get there safe and sound.

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