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Naked man steals and crashes ambulance in Winnipeg

Emergency officials in Winnipeg say that a naked man stole an ambulance Friday morning before driving about one block and crashing it into the city's Portuguese Cultural Centre.

Global News Winnipeg reports that "medical personnel were in the West End when they came across a man believed to be on meth and needing help" around 8:30 a.m. near Notre Dame Avenue and Furby Street.

The man is said to have threatened paramedics after they got out of the vehicle to help him.

The naked man reportedly then jumped into the ambulance and drove away, but not before paramedics could press an emergency call button for police assistance.

Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service Chief John Lane confirmed in a press conference later Friday that the vehicle had been stolen and crashed into the wall of Winnipeg's Portuguese Cultural Centre at 659 Young St.

Witnesses described the scene as "quite intense" to CTV News and stated that the man drove onto the sidewalk, broke through construction signage and "jumped right through" a pile of gravel while operating the ambulance.

The ambulance, while damaged, has since been recovered.

The man, who police say was acting "in a very aggressive, violent manner," was taken to hospital in a separate ambulance.

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