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Penguins were let loose inside a mall in Canada and it was all caught on video

In a scene straight out of Happy Feet, penguins at a mall in Canada were given the chance to explore the empty shopping centre — and they clearly had the best day ever.

In the video, the pair of African penguins happily waddle up and down the deserted corridors of the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, eventually pausing to admire the iconic Fantasyland Hotel.

Several other animals make an appearance in the video as well, including a very chilled lizard hanging out on the Fantasyland concierge desk.

Although the penguins aren't identified, they're likely brothers Dayo and Skadu — a pair of celebrity penguins that were once flown all the way to Ontario to make an appearance in a Netflix show.

The penguins filmed there for eight days, and they even had a backyard-sized pool built for them.

And it's not just West Edmonton Mall that's letting their penguins roam free; in March, the Vancouver Aquarium also gave their penguins the opportunity to explore.

And south of the border, a Chicago aquarium similarly let a pair of rockhopper penguins roam free around the empty space on a romantic date night.

With more animals being spotted across Canadian cities as well, you just never know where you're going to run into some wildlife these days.

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West Edmonton Mall

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