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People in Canada are boycotting FedEx for firing employees after racist incident

The digital pitchforks are out for FedEx this week after an employee stated on Twitter that he was fired for publishing video footage of himself and a coworker arguing with an allegedly racist customer in Georgia.

Antonio Braswell of Albany, Georgia said on Wednesday that he and his colleague were delivering a package to a house in Leesburg when a man ran out of the home "cursing and threatening us."

"We just apologized but he kept escalating the situation, then kept saying he would whoop our black asses," wrote Braswell on Twitter of the incident.

The man then allegedly told his wife to call the police and followed the pair down his driveway. The customer is said to have started filming the FedEx employees and to have yelled curse words as they drove away.

Braswell, in turn, stopped the truck and started filming back.

That footage has since been viewed more than 5.8 million times.

While the video itself is intense, no overt threats or racist comments were captured on camera.

Still, Braswell's story — and the story of what happened after he first posted it — has kicked up a firestorm of rage online among people who can't believe someone would show such disrespect toward vulnerable frontline workers who are risking their lives to be of service.

"Update: FedEx called and told me to take down this video and fired both of us today," said Braswell Wednesday morning of himself and the coworker seen on camera in the video.

"I'm reposting this video because people like him, doesn't matter white or any race, should never disrespect essential workers putting their lives in jeopardy especially with this COVID-19."

FedEx confirmed to NBC News on Wednesday night that the employees in question had been "employed by an independent service provider" and that they "are no longer providing service on behalf of FedEx Ground."

Twitter users in Canada, the U.S. and beyond are now using the hashtag #BoycottFedex to express their displeasure with the multinational delivery services company.

"We will sit in your mentions until these men are rehired and paid extra for their suffering and unfair dismissal," wrote one of many people addressing the company's various Twitter handles directly. "REHIRE THEM YOU RACIST CORPORATION."

"What are the policies and procedures in place to protect the employees from unlawful harassment?"asked another of the company. "An immediate termination isn't justifiable in this instance."

Supporters of the two men are so passionate that, as of Thursday afternoon, a GoFundMe campaign set up for them had pulled in more than $65,000 worth of donations.

As it turns out, however, they may not even need it... at least not to replace their incomes (legal fees are another story).

"While we conduct this investigation, FedEx will provide employment for these drivers," the company said to NBC Wednesday night, noting that it "takes any allegations of discrimination, retaliation or improper employment actions seriously" and that it is launching an investigation into the incident.

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