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Some national parks in Canada will be reopening next month

Because summers in Canada are so short-lived, citizens have learned to take full advantage of the warmer months — including getting outside and enjoying our country's breathtaking beauty as much as we possibly can.

With May 2-4 weekend and milder weather quickly approaching, many are wondering to what extent their forthcoming outdoor adventures will be thwarted by pandemic lockdown.

Thankfully, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shared some good news on this front during his daily press briefing on Thursday morning, revealing that some national parks and historic sites will be partially reopened at the start of next month for the first time since March 18.

As of June 1, members of the public will be able to use some of the trails and green spaces that our 48 national parks provide.

Of course, which parks will open and which will remain closed will be contingent upon a number of factors, including where they're located and what provincial reopening guidelines there look like, whether they can allow for proper physical distancing, and whether they're far away enough from vulnerable indigenous communities.

"We know that this pandemic has hit very differently across the country, and so there will be different phases or steps in the reopening of national parks," Trudeau said.

"We will try and align with the local jurisdictions and what the provincial parks nearby are going to be doing so that it is clearer for people what they can do in their own particular region."

He added that Arctic parks will definitely not be among those reopening anytime soon, and that new boating regulations will be implemented in Arctic waters next month to "protect vulnerable communities in the north."

The PM said that he will be announcing the list of which parks people can return to — and to what degree they can use them — in the coming week, noting that no decisions will be final and that adjustments may need to be made depending on how the initial reopenings pan out.

"We know that people are going to want to get outside and they're going to want to do that safely, so we will be facilitating that to a certain extent, always staying careful in the way we do it," he stated. "Getting fresh air is important, but we all have to be responsible about it."

Meanwhile, the reopening of provincial parks in some parts of Canada is already underway.

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