summer vacation

Summer vacation is basically cancelled in Canada as people opt to work instead

Summer vacation in Canada is basically cancelled this year; between music festivals shutting down, scary murder hornets, and a general fear of going outdoors, your annual July road trip to Montana isn't looking so appealing.

And you're not alone.

According to a survey from global staffing firm Robert Half, 30 per cent of Canadians anticipate taking fewer days off this June through September compared to last year.

Instead, almost one in three Canadians are choosing to save those days for a time later in the year when it's hopefully safe to hop on an international flight and sip margaritas on a beach.

summer vacation

Robert Half surveyed more than 500 workers normally employed in office environments in Canada

But Canadians aren't opting out of vacation time simply to save their days off; some people say that they're experiencing too much financial stress (2o per cent) or have too much work (10 per cent) to take time off this summer.

David King, Canadian senior district president of Robert Half, suggests that some businesses are simply too busy right now for staff to take their holiday.

"Companies are operating in overdrive these days, often trying to navigate shifting business demands with leaner teams — which can mean heavier workloads and longer days for their staff," he said.

Workers in essential service roles, for example — including postal workers, grocery store cashiers, and healthcare professionals — might be particularly hard-pressed to find time to take off this summer.

Despite many resources being strained, King added that it's important for employees to take time off this summer — particularly during a stressful pandemic.

"With this added pressure on workers, employers need to encourage staff to make vacations, and their wellbeing, a priority," he said.

"Managers should set the example by taking advantage of their own time off, and empower employees with more flexible deadlines and additional support while people are away, so that everyone is able to truly relax and unplug on their days off."

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