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Donald Trump just said the Canada-U.S. border could open earlier than planned

Just hours after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed that the U.S.-Canada border will remain closed until late June, United States President Donald Trump threw a spanner in the works by saying that the border could reopen sooner.

"We speak to Canada all the time," Trump said. "Obviously the relationship is very good with the Prime Minister and myself, and with the two countries. Canada is our neighbour."

When asked if the border could open before the new June 21 deadline, Trump said that was a possibility.

"Yeah, it could," he said. "Sure, it could. They're doing well, we're both doing well."

Trudeau has given no indication that the U.S.-Canada border will reopen until June 21.

When asked if the border closure could be extended beyond late June, Trudeau said that the situation is "changing rapidly" and that everything is on the table.

"We're adjusting constantly to what the right measures are to get that balance right between keeping people safe and restoring a semblance of normality and economic activity that we all rely on," he said.

The United States currently has reported over 1.5 million COVID-19 cases and over 91,000 deaths, according to John Hopkins.

The country as a whole has flattened the curve, although a number of U.S. states continue to struggle to control the spread of the virus.

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