us canada border closed

Most people in Canada want US border to remain closed until at least September

The Canada-U.S. border might be slated to reopen to non-essential traffic in June, but most people in Canada are pushing for it to remain closed until at least September — and potentially well beyond that date.

A recent study by the Angus Reid Institute found that a whopping 68 per cent of Canadians want the border to remain closed until at least September, with 13 per cent even expressing a desire to extend the closure into 2021.

Only one in five Canadians said that the U.S. border should reopen on June 21 as scheduled.

us canada border closed

Angus Reid

Albertans were the most eager to reopen the border, while people residing in British Columbia, Quebec and Atlantic Canada were the most keen to keep it closed.

The survey also noted that men are twice as likely to say that they want the border to reopen in June than women (26 per cent to 13 per cent), particularly if they vote Conservative.

canada us border closedAngus Reid

In 2018, Canadians made more than 27 million trips to the United States, but it seems that there's little appetite for travelling this summer — even if the border does reopen in June.

The vast majority of Canadians (84 per cent) living near the border say they would avoid taking a trip south this summer, even if it's just for the day.

The United States is reporting more than 1.63 million cases of COVID-19 and close to 98,000 deaths as of Monday.

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