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Winners and HomeSense are reopening stores in Canada

Though Canadian consumers have been able to get their shopping fix online throughout the pandemic, there is one beloved company that has such a perfectly random smattering of merchandise in each of its stores that it doesn't even keep track of stock through a searchable in-house system, let alone a perusable website.

But, homewares and fashion lovers can now rejoice, because TJX, the company behind both Winners and HomeSense, has announced its plans for reopening.

The American-based retail giant, which also owns Marshalls, HomeGoods, TX Maxx and TJ Maxx, closed all of its thousands of locations in nine countries due to the health crisis — though one could argue that the snacks and happiness they supply could have classified them as essential all along — and has since been "highly focused" on making some major changes to allow for a safe shopping experience upon their return.

Like all businesses, Winners and HomeSense will be operating with new health protocols in place, such as providing staff with personal protective equipment and barriers at cash registers, implementing new guidelines for social distancing, re-jigging how merchandise and returns are handled, and enhancing cleaning and sanitization procedures.

Fans of the brands will be happy to find out that they can now spend hours aimlessly wandering the aisles of Winners, HomeSense and Marshalls stores in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, which are all already open for business.

B.C. stores will be resuming operations on May 22, while Maritime locations will reopen their doors on May 23.

There is no word yet on an exact date for when shoppers can giddily return to unearth treasures from the shelves of stores in Ontario and Quebec. (Treasures that we all know will be serendipitously found in the stores only once, and never again upon return visits.)

It's evident that the chains have been sorely missed by residents nationwide, so this news is certainly welcome as things start to gradually return to (a new) normal just in time for a new summer wardrobe or redecorating spree.

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