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Animal rights activist has died at a protest outside Fearmans Pork slaughterhouse in Canada

An individual who was participating in a demonstration for animal rights outside of a slaughterhouse on Friday has apparently died in an accident involving a truck on the scene.

The protester was at an event hosted by advocacy group Toronto Pig Save, which regularly hosts vigils at meat farms and processing plants in the GTA to decry the poor treatment and killing of animals for food.

Halton Regional Police are investigating the death, which took place in front of Fearmans Pork factory near Harvester Rd. and Appleby Line in Burlington, Ontario, less than an hour southwest of Toronto.

They are calling it a "pedestrian fatality" but haven't confirmed any other details.

Toronto Pig Save, though, has issued a statement on the matter, saying that it was a transport truck with live pigs on board that "ran over" the woman.

"Earlier today a fiercely devoted activist lost her life when a truck driver ran over her at Fearmans slaughterhouse. She was a fearless fighter and a peacemaker. She bore witness today to offer water to the pigs on a scorching hot day, offering them a final moment of peace - as she had done many times before in legal protest," the statement reads.

At the vigils, demonstrators bear witness and sometimes even try to comfort pigs, cows and chickens about to be killed for their meat.

Toronto Pig Save co-founder Anita Krajnc was famously arrested at the same Burlington plant back in 2015 for giving pigs water through the vents in the truck they were being brought to slaughter on.

She was charged with criminal mischief, but later acquitted.

The identity of the deceased protestor and further information about the incident has yet to be revealed, though Toronto Pig Save has called her "a wife, a daughter, a best friend" and a "social justice activist who fought for the climate and human rights."

The organization will be holding a candlelit service to honour the woman outside of Fearmans at a date TBA, and is asking the plant to release the pigs that were on the truck involved in the death.

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London Pig Save

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