London Ontario protest

Ten thousand people protest in support of Black Lives Matter in London Ontario

People took to the streets in Canada today to support Black Lives Matter and none might have been larger than the protest in London, Ontario.

Thousands gathered at Victoria Park in a peaceful protest against anti-Black racism and police brutality on Saturday afternoon. 

Crowds packed the downtown park wearing masks and holding signs, joining the many cities across Canada where marches are being held in solidarity with the Black community in the wake of George Floyd's killing and many more Black lives lost at the hands of police. 

The gathering, which is being led by Black Lives Matter - London Ontario, started peacefully at 3 p.m., save for an incident when a man was ejected from the rally. 

Following a verbal dispute, the man was pushed out of the protest as organizers called for peace. His ejection from the area was met with applause and chants of "No violence". 

It's unclear what sparked the fight, but the man was caught on camera wearing a shirt that said, "Hetero Is Bettero" while being led off the scene by police. 

According to one attendee, the man had been holding a sign that said "There is no evidence of systemic racism", though he was not holding the sign when he was booted out of the park. 

Following the incident, protesters continued to march around Victoria Park. Police estimate there were 10,000 protestors at the scene. No other incidents have been reported.

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