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Canada doesn't want border open anytime soon as COVID-19 cases in the U.S. skyrocket

Canadians are speaking up to say they want the Canada-U.S. border to remain closed as the United States see record-high numbers of COVID-19 cases.

The spike appears to be largely due to several states lifting restrictions surrounding social distancing and staying at home. On Friday, the U.S. recorded their largest single-day spike in cases with a whopping 45,242.

This brings the country's total number of Americans who have tested positive to 2.48 million.

Florida, one of the states where social distancing has been ignored the most, just broke their one-day record of 9,585 cases again with a new high of 9,686 cases.

Ontario's premier Doug Ford has been vocal about keeping borders closed, saying, "I don't want to be those states," about Florida, Texas, Arizona and California.

Bars and restaurants have been ordered to close down in these states and stay-at-home orders have been recommended following the uptick in cases that shows no signs of slowing down.

The United States has the highest death toll in the world from COVID-19 at 125,000 deaths.

Canadians on social media are being incredibly vocal about the fact that they want the border to stay shut.

As opposed to the spike in U.S. cases of over 40,000, Canada has recently been recording around or under 300 cases per day recently.

Graph after graph confirms that the U.S. is containing the virus poorly compared to other places, not just Canada.

Some say they don't think the border opening will happen this year.

Another even suggested it should remain closed forever.

And really, as we've demonstrated here in Canada, shouldn't that be relatively easy? One person wrote that the measures we've put in place to keep numbers down are "not rocket science."

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