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3 provinces and all territories in Canada are now COVID-19 free

Good news, Canada; after a gruelling three months of staying indoors and seeing loved ones only via FaceTime; three provinces and all territories are now COVID-19 free.

Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories are all reporting zero active cases in their areas.

Fortunately, Nunavut never had any cases to begin with.

Nova Scotia is the most recent province to fully recover, confirming on Monday that it has no active cases in the area — the first time since the outbreak began in March.

Newfoundland is reporting no active cases as of last Thursday.

The Northwest Territories has no active cases as of April, while P.E.I. and the Yukon have no active cases as of May.

New Brunswick was free of COVID-19 for just over two weeks in mid-May, but the province experienced a second outbreak and is now reporting 27 active cases.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan are getting close to having no active cases as well, with 14 cases and 96 cases, respectively.

Alberta (543 cases) and British Columbia (178 cases) still have a little bit more work to do in reducing active cases, as does Ontario, which currently has just over 2,000 unresolved cases.

Quebec continues to battle with flattening its curve, reporting 25,912 active cases in the province as of Monday. Fortunately, it seems that the province is making some progress; Quebec reported only 69 new cases today, the lowest single-day increase since March.

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