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This is Canada's official long-term weather forecast for the summer

Though parts of Canada saw some chaotic and unseasonal weather in May, it seems like things have finally started heating up across the country.

And, just in time for the summer, The Weather Network has released its official long-term forecasts for the next few months.

Though TWN meteorologists have issued separate predictions for each part of the country, they also summarized how summer 2020 will feel in Canada in general, saying most Canadians will be seeing near normal or slightly above normal temperatures.

"While many Canadians experienced an abrupt transition from record cold to record heat during May, this is not the start of a relentlessly hot summer," the network's chief meteorologist said in a release on Monday.

"June will feature swings between mid-summer warmth and fresher spring weather before more consistent heat takes over for July and August."

TWN added that though there will be some heat waves — especially in Ontario and Quebec — it won't be a back-to-back "all-out scorcher" of a summer, like we have seen in previous years.

On the west coast, the season will be short and sweet, with a cool June and an early end that will see cooler temperatures sooner than usual. But, "very warm to hot weather will dominate during the heart of summer," with the average temp in Vancouver hovering just above 22 C in July and August.

In the Prairies, things will be pretty par the course for the season, oscillating between periods of hot, dry weather, and cooler fronts (and storms) bringing a normal amount of precipitation overall. There may be more gloomy, stormy patterns in the north of the region, which is also likely to see lower temperatures than the rest of the Prairies.

In Ontario and Quebec, things will be generally warm and humid, especially over July and August, but TWN notes that "oppressive heat will not dominate the entire summer."

There will be some cooler days peppered throughout, especially in June, as well as a few thunderstorms later in the season. Warm weather will persist through September to make up for summer's slow start.

Summer will also be arriving a bit late in the Maritimes, where things won't reach normal or above normal temps until July and August. Despite the risk posed by hurricane season in the tropics, things are expected to be quite dry — almost concerningly so — in parts of the region.

And in the territories, things will feel warmer than usual in the Yukon, but slightly chillier than is typical of the season in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

As we know, weather projections are not always accurate, especially when they are made far in advance — so, some type of hellish weather phenomenon is not completely out of the question, especially in a cursed year like 2020.

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