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Canada might be the last country to still enforce a two metre social distancing rule

After months of keeping citizens apart to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many countries are now beginning to relax their physical distancing measures. 

In fact, Canada is among just a few countries who are still implementing a two-metre social distancing rule

Spain and the United Kingdom have also been enforcing the same measure, however the U.K.'s Prime Minister has indicated toward easing the guidance soon. 

At this point, Canada has not announced any intention of reviewing the measures, which have been implemented in settings like grocery stores and public transit. People have also been implenting the rule in their own unique ways.

Around the world, the government guidance has been less strict, for example, people in the United States abide by a 1.8 metre distancing rule.

In Australia, Germany, Italy, and Portugal, the physical distancing rule is 1.5m. 

In South Korea it is 1.4m, while in China, Denmark, France and Singapore it is just 1m. 

In New Zealand, where there are currently just two cases of COVID-19, physical distancing measures have been removed. 

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization recommends keeping a distance of at least 1m. 

A statement on their website says: "WHO continues to recommend that everyone performs hand hygiene frequently, follows respiratory etiquette recommendations and regularly clean and disinfect surfaces. WHO continues to recommend the importance of maintaining physical distances and avoiding people with fever or respiratory symptoms. These preventive measures will limit viral transmission."

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