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Canada-U.S. border closure officially extended again

Even though life may be feeling a little more normal lately as provinces continue to loosen restrictions across the country, some pandemic measures are staying as is — one of them being the closure of the Canada-U.S. border to non-essential travel.

To the dismay of would-be vacationers looking to get away for a quick trip to the States after months of COVID-19 lockdown, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed at his press conference on Tuesday that the border will remain closed for another 30 days, until July 21. The current measures, which were enacted mid-March and then extended twice, were due to expire on June 21.

"This is an important decision that will keep people in both of our countries safe," he said of the news.

The case count south of the border has soared to a total of nearly 2.2 million, with more than 118,000 deaths — staggering compared to Canada's 99,147 infections and 8,175 fatalities thus far.

Though the ground crossing into the U.S. has been closed to all but essential workers and immediate family members, and despite the fact that most Canadians think said closure should persist until the fall, some citizens have managed to get flights to U.S. for a visit without issue (and without even having to quarantine when they got there).

Fortunately, the reverse isn't as prevalent of a problem, though American travelers have been able to find to find a loophole by stopping over in popular tourist locales like Banff on their way to Alaska. 

Airlines are gradually resuming more Canadian flights to destinations in the U.S. and elsewhere, but the federal government's advice about international travel remains clear: a trip for the sake of tourism, recreation or entertainment are still a no-go. And, Canada's mandatory 14-day quarantine period for all incoming passengers still stands.

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