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New data shows Canadians are now driving almost as much as before the pandemic

After eight weeks of isolation, Canadians are emerging from their self-imposed hibernation to explore a brave new world; at least, from the comfort of their vehicles.

Apple's latest data on mobility trends — taken from Apple Maps requests — shows that driving requests in Canada are up by 10 per cent this June, following a major dip in recent months.

Pedestrian requests are also up nine per cent.

The transit sector, however, continues to struggle, with the latest data indicating that the requests for transit directions are still down 64 per from the mid-March baseline.

canadians driving

Change in routing requests since January 13, 2020 | Apple

Apple collects the data from major cities around Canada (e.g. Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal), and the availability is based on factors such as the minimum thresholds for directions requests made daily.

The amount of Canadians back on the road also varies by city.

In Calgary, for example, the data indicates that requests for driving directions are still down by 29 per cent; in Montreal, driving requests are only down by 13 per cent.

canadians driving

Change in routing requests since January 13, 2020 | Apple

The driving rates for other major Canadian cities are as follows:

  • Vancouver (-16 per cent)
  • Edmonton (-21 per cent)
  • Toronto (-23 per cent)
  • Ottawa (-19 per cent)
  • Halifax (-22 per cent)

Although Apple doesn't offer data for all Canadian cities, overall driving rates for provinces without cities listed above include:

  • Saskatchewan (+4 per cent)
  • Manitoba (+2 per cent)
  • Prince Edward Island (+17 per cent)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador (-8 per cent)

The results are somewhat unsurprising, considering that most provinces are now reopening restaurants, retail stores, gyms, tourist attractions and hiking trails — giving Canadians a reason to venture out of their homes more often.

Although there are still some interprovincial travel restrictions in place, it seems that Canadians are now eager to get out and explore wherever they can (while keeping public health limitations in mind, of course).

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