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Someone is making dolls of frontline workers in Canada but what they're doing with them is incredible

Frontline workers are the backbone of our fight against the global pandemic, and on top of that, some of them are parents too. 

To honour those parents and the countless hours they spend at hospitals and healthcare centres, away from their families, a company in Toronto is gifting kids custom crochet dolls of their frontline-working moms and dads. 

For the past two months, a Toronto-based company called CroChic Shop in Toronto has been working with professional crocheter Helen Vu and Shirley Guan to make custom dolls of nurses and doctors for their children to keep. 

Love To Our Frontlines' Family dolls are each unique because they're designed to look just like their parents, who might not always be at home as they work long hours during the pandemic. 

Every package even comes with a mini crocheted corona virus, which makes the pandemic look a lot cuter and kid-friendly. 

They're also free, says CroChic Shop owner Tracy Vu-Hojberg, who was inspired to co-start the project by her 15-month-old son. 

"I can feel how much he misses me when I am at work all day," said Vu-Hojberg. "So I cannot imagine how much nurses/doctors' children would miss their parents when they work day and night at the hospitals." 

Vu-Hojberg says they rely on donations to keep the project going, with each doll costing about $20 to make and ship. 

They've been "overwhelemed" with support, and so far they have made 59 packages, which they've sent to kids all over Canada. Each one also comes with a note telling the children that their parents are heroes. 

"These are gifts to thank our frontline heroes by giving their children some comfort," said Vu-Hojberg. 

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Tracy Vu

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