eu travel restrictions

These are the current EU travel restrictions from Canada

Most European Union (EU) countries still have travel restrictions in place, but if you're dreaming of catching a flight to Paris and enjoying a pistachio croissant, then there's good news; some countries are beginning to reopen their borders to Canadians.

Fortunately, the EU has created a new website with up-to-date information on all 27 member states that makes it easy to figure out which places are open to international visitors.

The website also provides information on whether you'll be expected to quarantine for 14 days after arriving 0r wear a face mask in public areas.

Canadians can simply navigate to the website, enter the destination that they're searching for, and click on the little world icon in the center of the bottom row.

According to the website, Canadians are only currently allowed to travel to Finland and Portugal; they may also be allowed to travel to Denmark and Malta if they have a summerhouse or proof of residence.

All other EU countries like France, Italy and Greece remain closed to Canadian travelers until at least June 30, 2020.

eu travel restrictions

Reopen EU shows Portugal travel restrictions for third-country nationals entering the country

You may not want to pack your sunscreen and book a flight to Portugal just yet, though; Canada is still officially advising against all non-essential travel as of Wednesday.

Still, some EU countries lifting travel restrictions is hopefully a sign of good things to come; pistachio croissants in Paris could be a reality sooner than we think.

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