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Massive forest fire in Quebec said to be roughly the size of 40,000 football fields

A forest fire in Quebec has grown into an inferno that has engulfed a remote area north of Lac-Saint Jean. 

According to Quebec's forest fire authority, the SOPFEU, the fire is now "out of control". 

Flames first broke out on Tuesday, but by Friday, had grown from 4,000 hectares to over 21,000 — or the size of 40,000 football fields. 

Accelerated by dry weather and winds Thursday, which saw temperatures of 35 C and a humidity of 12 per cent, the flames are expected to grow even larger still.

 Aerial shots of the site show flames engulfing the trees and a wall of smoke so large, the plumes could be seen from space.

Four tankers and major-fire response team are currently working to put out the fire, as well as protect a bridge and power lines. 

Officials suspect that it was a recreational fire that started the inferno, but that has yet to be confirmed. 

There are several villages nearby, and the SOPFEU has said that all regions of Quebec running south, west, and east are in "extreme" danger. 

This season has been a particularly busy one for Quebec forest fires: there are currently nine active fires being put out in the province now, with twice the number of fires than normal this year. 

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