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People are now tracking the lockdown by the length of Justin Trudeau's hair

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hasn't had a haircut since the country went into lockdown, and while we all sit and wait for this to be over, his increasingly shaggy mane is being used by some to track the passage of time.

Almost every day since the lockdown began, Trudeau's movements, both public and private, have been documented, be it at his daily pandemic address, during Parliament, at ceremonies and events, or while spending time with his family.

And each day, his hair grows a little longer.

From a purely physical standpoint, Trudeau's locks seem to have become a sort of hourglass for which Canadians can observe how long the lockdown as gone on. 

As Trudeau continues to make headlines with several now-iconic moments over the past few months, including a clip of him flipping his hair that went viral, many around the world have started to notice what we Canadians already know: the man has objectively great hair.

His hair and its increasing length have been the subject of not one, not two, but three major articles examining how it's begun to serve as a reliable measurement for tracing this moment in time.

Not everyone agrees, however, that Trudeau's hair is a worthy subject given that there are so many more important things going on in the world right now, or that it deserves the symbolic status to represent our temporal experience of time.

At the risk of getting too scholarly, it may be best to leave the topic of time and the strongest tool for measuring it up to the individual. 

And anyway, with more hairdressers, barbers and salons set to reopen in some provinces, Trudeau could soon return to his pre-pandemic tidy schoolboy cut.

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Adam Pretti

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