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Moose rescued after being trapped in thick mud in Canada and it was all caught on video

A good Samaritan discovered a moose stuck in deep, thick mud near St. Stephen, New Brunswick a few days ago, and he and his father worked hard to save the animal's life.

New Brunswick resident Shawn Matheson posted photos and videos from the rescue on Facebook on June 18, and they show a moose entirely submerged in clay-like mud. 

Matheson told CTV News he was walking with his girlfriend when he encountered the animal last Wednesday. He said he believes the animal had been stuck there for several days, and he immediately began trying to dig her out.

His first attempt at rescuing the moose was unfortunately unsuccessful, so he returned to the helpless animal the following day with his father and an an electric winch in order to set her free.

"Moose is out from being trapped in the mud thanks to the help from my father Richard Matheson," he wrote on Facebook. "Was a long an [sic] hot day but we got it done."

In the photos posted to Facebook, the moose can be seen lying on the ground looking visibly exhausted after being pulled free by the father-son duo. 

"We had her drinking water an [sic] eating lily pads," Matheson continued in the post, which has been shared more than 800 times and garnered close to 300 comments as well as 883 likes. "She was very tired an [sic] week [sic]."

Matheson told CTV he and his father stayed with the animal for roughly three hours before she regained enough strength to stand up and slowly wander away.

Lead photo by

Shawn Matheson

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