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Disturbing video shows RCMP officer stepping on student during wellness check

A nursing student at UBC Okanagan is suing the RCMP for alleged abuse during what was supposed to be a wellness check. 

Mona Wang, 20, has filed a civil claim against Const. Lacy Browning, Canada's attorney general, and B.C.'s minister of public safety and solicitor general, after an incident that occurred in January, part of which was captured on surveillance footage. 

According to GlobalNews, the lawsuit states that Wang was at home in mental distress on January 20, prompting her boyfriend to call 911 and request a wellness check.

Const. Browning responded to the call, and according to the claim, entered Wang's home without identifying herself as RCMP, where she found Wang semi-conscious and unresponsive on the bathroom floor. 

The RCMP officer proceeded to step on Wang's arm and kick her in the stomach, says the civil suit. It also claims Browning called Wang a "stupid idiot" and told her to "stop being dramatic." 

Wang was then handcuffed and dragged on her stomach from the bathroom, which caused serious injuries and bruising, says the lawsuit, dragging her to the elevator where she allegedly punched Wang in the face. 

The surveillance video released shows Wang being dragged along the floor of the building's lobby. An officer can also be seen pulling Wang's head up by her hair and, at one point, stepping on Wang's face. 

Wang was taken into custody and then to the Kelowna General Hospital, and the lawsuit says she suffered bruises on her face, eye injuries, and injuries to her upper thigh. 

The lawsuit states that Browning also told medical professionals that Wang was high on meth. None of these claims have been proven in court.

But the civil response from Browning submitted on June 15 says that Wang did not suffer any injuries due to the incident, and that the force was necessary, because of Wang's history of prior suicide attempts.

Wang was allegedly holding a boxcutter knife when Browning arrived, and had "already engaged in self-injurious behaviour and appeared motivated to harm herself further." 

Due to erratic behaviour and the fact that Browning had no backup, the response says that Browning's actions were within the scope of her duties. 

Today, Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran called the incident disturbing and says that there needs to be a review on how police respond to mental health-related de-escalation. 

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Provincial Court of British Columbia

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