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Another Sir John A Macdonald statue in Canada has been covered in red paint

A Sir John A Macdonald statue in Charlottetown, P.E.I. is the latest statue to be vandalized amidst calls for statues honouring racist historical figures to be taken down across Canada.

The controversial statue of Canada's first Prime Minister was sprayed with red paint overnight Thursday.

City clean-up crews have since responded to the incident and removed the red paint from the statue.

Premier Dennis King told reporters on Friday morning that he has yet to formulate an opinion on whether the statue should be removed.

"This is a difficult issue all across the country and all across the world, and I'm certainly interested in having a thorough discussion as to how we can best, as Prince Edward Island, represent the history of who we are," King said, per CBC.

However, King emphasized the importance of not trying to "sugar-coat" Canada's history.

"I think how we look and pave our way going forward requires us to have a full and honest debate, and not to be afraid about the not-so-glorious parts of our history," he said.

Sir John A Macdonald is widely recognized as the architect of the residential school program, which separated Indigenous children from their families and caused serious harm through forced assimilation and abuse.

In 2018, the City of Victoria removed a John A Macdonald statue from outside of City Hall to mixed reactions.

Including the statue in Charlottetown, there are at least nine remaining John A Macdonald statues across Canada; the Macdonald statue in Montreal was similarly sprayed with red paint on June 14.

Statues of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, George Vancouver and "Gassy" Jack Deighton have also recently been covered in paint.

The City of Charlottetown is planning a public meeting where they will discuss the future of statues in the city next Thursday.

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