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Thousands march in peaceful anti-racism protest in Montreal

Montreal held its second demonstration for racial justice today following a week full of countless other anti-racism and anti-police brutality protests across Canada and the U.S. 

Thousands of people from different walks of life hit the streets Sunday to fight against racial inequality and the systemic discrimination that continues to plague the lives of Black people at home and abroad.

Demonstrators walked through downtown Montreal to Dorchester Square, and they could be heard chanting "Black lives matter," "No justice, no peace," and other powerful phrases. 

And while the first protest in Montreal turned violent due to escalation from police and a select few looters, this demonstration remained peaceful and calm throughout. 

Those who attended posted on social media that many passed out extra masks, hand sanitizer and water throughout the day.

And photos shared online show a massive crowd marching together in solidarity. 

One powerful photo posted to Twitter also shows protestors standing on the statue outside the Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral

While the exact turnout of the crowd isn't yet known, some demonstrators said it felt like even more people were present today than at the first protest. 

Activists also called out Quebec Premier Legault for his comments that system racism is not an issue in the province, and they took a knee as a symbol of solidarity with other protestors and those who've lost their lives as a result of racial inequality. 

This protest was just one of many to see a huge turnout in Canada over the past few days, and it certainly won't be the last.

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