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Vancouver could become the first city in Canada to ban police from schools

A motion to review the role of the Vancouver Police Department and RCMP in schools is being drafted by school board trustees in B.C.

Members of the Vancouver Elementary School Teachers Association voted not to invite VPD or RCMP to any school events nor attend or plan any events where they are invited. This would mean a suspension of the school liaison officer program and the end of police doing community outreach in schools.

Protests against police brutality, racial profiling and anti-Black racism have been sweeping the country all over the world in recent weeks.

If you support removing police from Vancouver schools, you can add your name as a signatory to "Police Free Schools are Safer Schools: The end of policing in Vancouver schools" online. The petition has gained support from Pivot Legal Society.

"We call for the immediate end to School Liaison Officer Programs and the redirection of investments into community-led programs in schools," reads the letter which also notes "SLOs are disproportionately placed in schools with more Black, Indigenous, marginalized, and low-income students,(10) who already experience over-policing."

Many are critical of the motion, calling it "dangerous," including Vancouver Police Union president Ralph Kaisers, who has stated he's "disappointed" by the discussion.

Another on Twitter says "do it," one calling the discussion a "paradigm shift."

Kaisers isn't the only one facing scrutiny for opposing the idea; some are slamming Abbotsford Schools in B.C. for promoting the local police department on their social media channels.

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