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An airport in Canada is about to set a new world record for solar panels

Edmonton International Airport (EIA) is about to become the largest airport-based solar farm in the world, according to a press release from the airport published on Tuesday.

The airport will develop a 627-acre, 120-megawatt solar farm, or the equivalent of 313 football fields worth of solar panels.

Alpin Sun, a European-based company leading the project, is a global developer of renewable projects. They expect to begin construction in early 2022 and complete it by the end of the same year.

The power generated by Airport City Solar will feed into Alberta's electricity grid and airport distribution systems.

EIA President Tom Ruth says that the airport is "creating something the whole world will notice."

"We're Canada’s largest major airport by land size so we have the space to do something very special — the largest solar farm at an airport in the world," Ruth said. "This will create jobs, provide sustainable solar power for our region and shows our dedication to sustainability."

Executive Director of Solar Alberta Benjamin Thibault says the project, consisting of approximately 340,000 solar panels, "demonstrates the growing role of solar energy in Alberta's economy."

"EIA is demonstrating leadership by harnessing the competitive economics of solar to establish the airport and surrounding transportation corridors as a hub for the solar value chain in this part of North America," he said.

"This bodes well for jobs and economic benefits in the region well into the future."

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