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Alberta cop under fire after tackling man to the ground and causing head wound

A Sherwood Park police officer is under fire after a graphic video surfaced on Reddit of the cop tackling a man to the ground and subsequently causing a head injury on Tuesday evening.

The incident took place in the parking lot of what appears to be a Sherwood Park condo complex, located about 20 kilometres outside of Edmonton, Alta.

In the video, the police officer is seen attempting to restrain the man. About 25 seconds into the clip, the officer tackles the man to the ground and kneels on his back.

When the person filming zooms in, it's clear that there's a lot of blood pooling around the man's head.

When an unknown bystander notices the blood, they call out to the police officer below to make him aware.

"Oh my god, he's bleeding," the bystander says. "Hey, he's bleeding."

"Really?" the police officer asks. When the bystander responds in the affirmative, the officer says, "I'm aware."

The video has sparked intense backlash on social media, with dozens of Canadians and Americans reaching out to express their anger over the police officer's actions, which some have called "cruel" and "disgusting."

"This needs to be investigated immediately," one Calgary resident wrote. "Hope buddy is okay."

"I have to hope that in Canada, he'll be fired by day's end," a Texas resident wrote. "I don't know if that's a well-founded hope, but nonetheless..."

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team have now confirmed that they're looking into the incident and will provide more details in the near future.

Strathcona County Mayor Rod Frank says that he's also aware of the incident and that he is working in "direct communication with Chief Commissioner Reid" to gather all of the facts.

"The RCMP are reviewing the matter and we expect their public statement soon," Frank said.

In a press release issued on Wednesday afternoon, Strathcona County RCMP said they and firefighters were initially called to an apartment complex to respond to an apartment fire at around 6:15 p.m.

After the fire was extinguished, police received another report of an intoxicated man chasing a vehicle. Police say the man returned to his apartment, where the fire occurred, and assaulted a firefighter.

Police say that's when the incident in the video took place.

"The responding officer went to place the man under arrest during which the male was taken to the ground and as a result suffered an injury," the release says. "EMS was immediately dispatched and the male was taken to hospital and has subsequently been released."

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