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Alberta man saves huge eagle from drowning and it was all caught on video

Talk about an unexpected catch; an Alberta resident fished a young, gigantic eagle out of the water while boating near his cabin in Invermere, B.C. over the weekend.

On July 4, Brett Bacon and his family were out for a boat ride when they saw the giant bird struggling in the lake.

"He was about a kilometre from shore on either side, and the wind and waves weren't making life easy for him," Bacon told Freshdaily.

Bacon quickly sprang into action, pulling the soaking wet bird on to the boat after about 15 minutes of struggling to get a grip on him — and fortunately for the rest of us, the entire event was caught on tape.

"Happy 4th of July," Bacon captioned the post. "Saved a baby eagle from drowning in the middle of the lake, had to prove to my son I'm cool."

In the video, Bacon's partner drives the boat to shore while Bacon holds the eagle on his lap, both of whom are surprisingly (and impressively) calm for most of the journey, although Bacon told Freshdaily that the bird latching on to his arm "wasn't a great feeling."

Once they were on the shore, Bacon reported that he set the eagle down to let the bird dry off.

"The majestic creature was dropped off on the shoreline to dry off, and the wildlife guys are coming to see if he's all good," Bacon commented on the post, adding that he managed to escape unscathed except for a "small talon wound."

Dozens of people have since commented on Bacon's post, congratulating him for his well-timed rescue.

"Good job Brett!" one person wrote. "Amazing to see this video and wish we had more human being[s] like this."

"Thank you!" another person added. "Hope you weren't too scratched up."

Even famous YouTube personality NikkieTutorials weighed in on the unbelievable save, summing up all of our thoughts in a single, two-word phrase: "Holy..... wow."

And Bacon's response to the incident?

"Probably the second most intense situation of my life next to the birth of my son," he told Freshdaily. "Just happy he's all good now, and that I have a cool story to share."

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