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Americans caught sneaking into Canada with almost 200 kilos of meth

Americans were once again caught illegally sneaking into Canada despite the ongoing border closure, but this time, they arrived with about 200 kilograms of meth.

Zacchary Marcus Scott Hecock and a co-conspirator crossed the U.S.-Canada border with an ATV with trailer in Abbotsford, B.C. on July 20, according to an RCMP press release.

Police received reports from citizens about the illegal crossing, and they tracked down and arrested Hecock in a blueberry field.

When police searched the ATV and trailer, they discovered that it contained duffle bags with packages of methamphetamine, totalling a staggering weight of 198 kilograms.

Hecock is currently in custody, and he's scheduled to appear in court on July 28. His co-conspirator has been identified but is still at large.

Police say that the investigation is ongoing.

The news comes just two days after Ontario police reported that an American man was charged in Niagara Falls after illegally driving through the border, attacking a police officer and attempting to resist arrest.

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Weigler Godoy

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