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Andrew Scheer breaks rules of Toronto airport by not wearing mask

Andrew Scheer was spotted without a face mask at the Toronto Pearson Airport on Tuesday, accompanied by Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, who was also sans face mask.

The Conservative party leader was overseen relaxing in one of the terminals with his luggage, seemingly ignoring the airport's mandatory face mask policy.

Two passengers snapped pictures of Scheer and shared them to social media, sparking intense backlash.

"Andrew Scheer, hanging out at Pearson Airport, no mask," one person wrote. "Guess he doesn't believe in leading by example, or maybe it's that the rules don't apply to him. You choose."

"Awww ... how cute #AndrewScheer and #BrianPallister having a little play date flouting airport rules by not wearing masks in the midst of a global pandemic," an NDP MLA wrote. "Shocking, white men believing rules don’t apply to them."

"Divert his flight to Florida," yet another person wrote.

In response to the incident, Toronto Pearson Airport put out a tweet affirming that all employees and travellers must wear face masks while inside the airport terminals.

The only exceptions are passengers under the age of two, passengers who are unable to remove a face covering without assistance and passengers who have trouble breathing.

Travellers may also remove their face mask while dining at food and beverage locations.

A spokesperson for Scheer told CBC News that he removed his mask to make a phone call while at the airport terminal.

"Mr. Scheer wore a face mask while travelling to Ottawa today," the spokesperson said. "He removed it to make a phone call. This picture must have been taken before he put it back on."

Premier Brian Pallister put out a more apologetic statement in response to the photographs.

"I lifted my mask to join some friends in conversation at the Toronto airport this afternoon," Pallister said, per CBC News. "It was an error on my part, and it won't happen again."

While Scheer and Pallister's statements have appeased some Canadians, others remain unimpressed by their behaviour.

"I work in a hospital," one Canadian wrote. "I make multiple phone calls to patient family members everyday in my shared office space. I do so wearing a mask's a pandemic."

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