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Bars in Canada were so crowded this weekend and people aren't happy about it

Bars in Canada such as Quebec's Mile Public House were busier this weekend than a wings joint on Superbowl Sunday, if the pictures floating around social media are anything to go by.

Multiple people have shared photos showing large crowds outside of newly reopened bars in urban centres.

Mile Public House, which is located just south of Montreal, was the source of some of the biggest complaints.

At least five people who visited Mile Public House on June 30 have since tested positive for COVID-19, prompting local health officials to urge anyone at the bar on that date to get tested.

While it's still unclear if the infected people spread the virus to other patrons at the bar, many Canadians are troubled by the close proximity of people in the photos.

"Don't be like Texas or Florida," one person wrote in response to a clip of the crowded bar. "We do not what to go back to April. Remember how it sucked when everything was closed? Keep that in mind."

The bar issued a statement on July 6 stating that they had taken appropriate hygiene measures and that the patrons did not contract the virus at the bar.

"People haven't acquired the infection in our house," the bar wrote. "These are cases that had not yet received the diagnosis but were sadly contagious. This can happen at any establishment."

Meanwhile in Newfoundland and Labrador, multiple bars on George Street are under fire for seemingly flouting social distancing guidelines over the weekend.

"I love that MUN is still in full lockdown mode and the public can't even access the library - but we can get drunk on George Street," one person wrote. "[Newfoundland is] again putting money and alcoholism over education and community."

"It still blows my mind that people can come into the province for nonessential travel without 14 days of self-isolation and go straight to George Street meanwhile I'm still not allowed to visit my grandmother in longterm care," another person wrote. "Somet[h]ing is wrong with that picture."

Across the country in Vancouver, people have voiced concerns over crowded bars and nightclubs since mid-June, when drinking establishments were given the green light to reopen.

In late June, a strip club in the heart of Vancouver was forced to temporarily close its doors after several people tested positive for the virus.

Pictures of long line-ups outside of bars on Granville Street have also made the rounds on social media.

"There is NO way you can provide social distancing properly in a night club," one Vancouver resident wrote. "Opening bars & clubs now is ludicrous to say the least. Completely irresponsible!"

On June 29, B.C. Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry reminded residents to stay vigilant about preventing further spread of the virus in light of the outbreak at the Vancouver strip club.

"It is a team effort that we need to continue together in B.C.," Henry said. "One slip is all it takes."

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