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Calgary is petitioning for a statue of their beloved turkey that was tragically eaten

Ah, Turk the Turkey: a Calgary icon that was taken from us too soon. Turk has been an unofficial city mascot since 2019, inspiring multiple stories of his forlorn love-life, an exciting police chase and even a fan page with thousands of followers.

But as of Friday, Turk is no more.

According to his fan page, Turk was tragically devoured by a local coyote — and to say Calgarians aren't taking the news well would be a severe understatement.

"This is devastating news for all of us," the Facebook post says. "I'm personally heartbroken."

In fact, so many people were moved by Turk the Ramsay Turkey's death that hundreds of people in Calgary have now signed a petition to create a statue in memoriam of the bird.

"Our beloved Turk the Ramsay turkey sadly passed away last night," the petition reads. "He was a beacon of hope to our great city."

"Every time someone saw him they would light up with a huge smile. I think we should remember this great turkey with a memorial statue in the neighbourhood of Ramsay."

As of Monday morning, the petition has already racked up close to 700 signatures.

Multiple Canadians are already chiming in on social media in support of the idea of a memorial for Turk, with some even suggesting where the statue should be placed.

"I think this would be a wise investment and should be placed up on [Scotsman's] hill," one person wrote. "Overlooking his city."

"Now THAT would be some public art I could support!" another person added.

Wherever Turk the Ramsay Turkey is, it's hopefully free of hungry coyotes. Rest in peace, little guy.

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Matt Daniels

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