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Canada just got a new airline that will fly to tropical destinations

While most people have thrown their 2020 vacation plans out the window, it seems that not everyone has given up hope of visiting tropical destinations this year.

A new airline called OWG is about to start offering regular flights from Quebec to destinations in the Caribbean. 

The new initiative comes from Montreal-based aviation company Nolinor, which has been working since 2018 to create a new airline that will position them in the tourist flight market. 

"The flight portion of your trip should be an integral part of your vacation," explains OWG President Marco Prud'homme. 

"Traditional airlines have chosen to cut the quality of their services year after year with no regard for the passenger experience. Our goal is to win the hearts of Quebecers with a new airline whose mission is to get travellers excited again."

With COVID-19 at the forefront of passengers' minds, OWG says their crew will benefit from the expertise developed by Nolinor Aviation while continuing to serve certain northern destinations during the crisis.

The company claim that they will "apply the highest standards in terms of health and safety."

OWG received authorization from the Minister of Transport to provide regular international flight service on July 6, 2020. 

The airline will begin flying to southern destinations in the coming months, with exact airports to be announced shortly.

The news comes after other domestic airlines such as Air Canada announced major cost-cutting measures to deal with the impact of COVID-19. 

Air Canada has reduced its workforce by approximately 20,000 employees, as well as permanently removing 79 aircraft from its mainline and Rouge fleets.

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