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Someone in Canada was hoarding $75k worth of toilet paper and other goods

In a scene straight out of the TV show "Hoarders," Burnaby RCMP discovered $75,000 worth of stolen goods in a warehouse recently, including rice, toilet paper and even sandals.

Police say that they received a tip on May 10 about a large shipping container filled with $20,000 worth of rice that had been stolen from a business in South Burnaby.

It wasn't until June 26, however, that police raided a Langley warehouse and discovered a lot more than a container of rice.

Police found the following among the seized items:

  • 3,200 pounds of rice
  • 26 pallets of sandals
  • 400 packages of paper towels
  • A large quantity of toilet paper
  • A large quantity of diapers
  • One crate of ammunition
  • More than $1,500 cash

"This warehouse contained a stock pile of stolen goods on a commercial scale and was located after diligent investigative efforts and coordination between a number of units at Burnaby RCMP," said Inspector Matt Toews, with Burnaby RCMP, in a statement on Wednesday.

Friendly reminder, Canada — stick to getting your toilet paper, rice and other household goods at Costco.

Lead photo by

Burnaby RCMP

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