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Canada officially bans imports of puppies from Ukraine

The Canadian government has finally decided to impose a ban on imports of puppies from Ukraine.

The announcement comes following the horrifying June 13 incident in which many of the 500 French bulldog puppies on a Ukraine Airlines Flight arrived dead at Toronto's Pearson International Airport. 

According to CBC, the new law applies to commercial puppies under eight months of age. 

Speaking about last month's shocking events, a spokesperson said 38 of the puppies were dead on arrival, while dozens more arrived seriously ill and dehydrated.

"Overcrowding, inadequate caging, transporting in extreme temperatures, lack of care in transit and shipping sick animals can all contribute to mortality in transit,"  Émilie-Lune Sauvé, senior campaign manager for Humane Society International, explained.

Discussing the reasons why the tragedy may have happened she added: "While many larger airlines have strict standards pertaining to animal transport, others need to improve their policies to ensure this kind of tragedy can't happen." 

Sauvé also advised that the best way to prevent situations like this from occurring again is to adopt from rescue groups or shelters. 

If you must purchase from a breeder, make sure to see the facility firsthand and do your research before buying.

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Andrew W. Sieber

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