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Canada summer weather report card reveals how your city is doing

The Weather Network has released its summer weather interim report card and the results are a real mixed bag.

While some parts of the country have been basking in unusually high temperatures, other areas are falling way behind.

When scoring its report card, The Weather Network placed the threshold for a true summer day at 25 C.

Toronto and Montreal are racing ahead of the rest of Canada, after so far spending a whopping 39 days each at or above 25 C.

While Toronto usually averages less than 16 days above 30 C in a typical year, the city is already approaching 20 days at or above that mark.

But high temperatures aren't always a positive thing, as The Weather Network notes: "For some, it's been way too hot, as humidex values have crept into the low 40's at times making the air feel pretty darn uncomfortable and downright dangerous for vulnerable populations."

Elsewhere, the cities of Calgary and Edmonton have the same joined total of 25 C days as the seven that St. John's, Newfoundland has managed to attain.

While Inuvik, which is nestled well north of the Arctic Circle, has produced a score of three summer days so far, Vancouver airport has failed to record a single day at 25 C this year.

"It's been a bummer of a summer for sure, but nothing like 1957. That year Vancouver crept above 25 C just once, and in September to boot," the Weather Network reports.

But it's not all bad news for the people of Vancouver — according to forecasters, summer is finally on its way.

"Summer weather is set to arrive this weekend, spilling well into next week," the network reports. "If all goes according to plan (remember, it is 2020 after all), Vancouver will hit it's first 25 C day early next week."

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