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Canada-U.S. border closure set to be extended once again

Canada and the U.S. are set to keep the border closed to all non-essential travel until at least Aug. 21, according to CTV News

CTV reporter Michael Boyer wrote this morning that sources confirmed the border closure extension, and said both governments are in agreement despite the fact that some members of Congress have called for the reopening of the border in recent days. 

A newly published Reuters report also confirms the extension has been agreed upon, though it states the decision is not yet official.

The current ban is set to expire on July 21. It's been in place since March and has been extended several times for month-long periods. 

The news of the latest extension comes after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hinted that an announcement on the border closure would be coming later this week following a phone call with President Donald Trump Monday morning. 

"Every month we have been able to extend the border closures to all but essential goods and services and those discussions are ongoing with the United States right now as we are a week from the next deadline for closures," Trudeau said Monday.

"We're going to continue to work hard to keep Canadians safe and to keep our economies flowing, we will have more to say later this week I'm sure."

Meanwhile, while some Americans have called for the opening of the border, most Canadians have made it clear they have no interest in venturing south of the border anytime soon, as COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to rise at an unprecedented rate. 

As of July 14 at 8:20 a.m., there have been more than 3,379,900 cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., and at least 135,400 have died from the virus.

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