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Couple show how they crossed the U.S.-Canada border during COVID-19

A couple has used TikTok to document their journey across the U.S.-Canada border amid current lockdown restrictions. 

The border is currently closed until July 21, with many people expecting that date to be extended even further.

U.S. travel blogger Lauren Meeker and her Canadian fiance Corey Hill decided to attempt crossing the border after Meeker ran out of days to stay in Canada. 

"We normally bounce back and forth and travel 24/7," she explained in the first instalment of a trio of videos.

Meeker continued: "We're going to Sandpoint, Idaho, which is only a five-hour drive south of Canmore where we currently live. We heard that while Canadians can't drive into the U.S. right now, they can fly."

The couple's plan was to drive to Vancouver International Airport, where Hill would attempt to catch a plane to Seattle. If he was successful in boarding, Meeker would pick him up from Seattle and drive them both to Sandpoint.

In one of their TikTok videos, Meeker can be seen nervously waiting to find out if her fiance has safely passed through security.

This took me 3 days, a closed border, and many sleepless nights to make - don’t let it flop 😅

The final video shows her reading texts from Hill outside the airport. 

"Made it through. Easy peasy," he confirms.

Meeker reveals that she was feeling apprehensive upon her turn to pass through the border as she was driving her fiance's Ontario license plated car. 

Despite the issue, she noted that this part of the journey was "very easy as well."

Speaking to Freshdaily, Meeker admitted the experience was much less difficult than they initially expected: "As travel bloggers, we’re very used to crossing the U.S.-Canada border. We were nervous about getting back into the U.S. this time because it’s so hard to understand what is allowed at the border right now."

She added: "We’d heard stories about people who crossed easily and people who were turned away depending on the border guard and the airport. Our experience ended up being much easier than we expected, but you can see in the comments of our video that a lot of people are being turned away, especially at Toronto Pearson."

The couple says they will be quarantining for the next two weeks, even though there is no mandatory quarantine period for entering the U.S. right now.

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