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Many people in Canada say they won't get a COVID-19 vaccine when it's ready

Only three-quarters of Canadians say that they are likely to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

New research also found that two in ten Canadians either "probably" or "definitely will not" get the vaccine, once one becomes available.

With hopes that an approved vaccination will soon be ready to be rolled out across the country, Canadians were asked how likely they would be to get it.

A study conducted by Narrative Research discovered that, although 74 percent of residents are likely to do so, the commitment to get vaccinated varies. 

Just 44 per cent indicated that they will "definitely" get the vaccine when available, while 30 per cent reported that they "probably" will do so. 

Meanwhile, 17 per cent either "probably" or "definitely will not" get vaccinated. Nine per cent are still unsure.

The research found that those in B.C. and N.L. expressed the strongest likelihood to definitely get vaccinated once the vaccine is available.

In contrast, those least inclined to get vaccinated included Quebec residents, those with lower household incomes or those with lower levels of education.

Elsewhere, the survey showed that only one-quarter of Canadians are optimistic that a vaccine will be available before year-end. 

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