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Canada's top health official just gave the country dating advice

Who needs Chris Harrison when Dr. Theresa Tam is around? On Friday, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer offered Canadians some dating advice while she was giving her usual press conference.

Her main advice?

Go slow.

"I'm not a dating expert, but let's just say, just to be sensible, maybe start virtually," Tam said. "Like anything to do with social interactions in the sort of COVID-era, I think, do everything to reduce your risk."

Tam was responding to a question about how single Canadians can have sex safely during the pandemic, which she admits that she's "never" been asked before.

"Don't date if you're sick," she advised Canadians. "Everyone knows COVID-19 is spread by respiratory droplets, so if you were, you know, kissing someone [then] this is a potential route of transmission."

Tam also advised that Canadians keep things monogamous for the time being, saying that "singular dating or smaller numbers" is probably the way to go.

"Of course, don't forget all the other protective measures," she added. "Condoms, everything else. Do not get too enthusiastic about thinking about COVID only."

Tam even suggested a cute date idea for Canadians that are looking for a way to lower their risk while dating in the time of COVID-19.

According to Tam, a "picnic in the park" is the way to go.

She stopped short of mentioning what that would actually look like, but we can presume that Tam's picnic basket would be filled with cheese, crackers and plenty of hand sanitizer.

Of course, Tam isn't the first Canadian health official to offer people some dating advice.

Back in April, Newfoundland and Labrador Health Minister John Haggie warned Canadians about the potential pitfalls of using dating apps during the pandemic.

"If you use Tinder or Grindr and you swipe right, you might get more than you bargained for," he said at the time.

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