high risk covid 19

These are considered to be the most high risk activities during COVID-19

Is getting a haircut a high risk activity during COVID-19? What about playing tennis at your local park? Fortunately, the Canadian government is providing some answers.

Health Minister Patty Hajdu announced a new tool during a press conference last Friday, which allows Canadians to assess the risk level of different activities.

Activities such as ordering take-out food are considered low risk, while hopping on Tinder and getting intimate with someone new is considered a high risk activity.

high risk covid-19

Public Health Canada shows some of the low risk, medium risk and high risk activities during COVID-19

The following are considered to be the most high risk activities:

  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Crowded indoor restaurant/buffet
  • Gyms and athletic studios
  • Amusement parks
  • Cruise ships and resorts
  • High contact sports with shared equipment (football/basketball)
  • Hugging, kissing or shaking hands
  • Conferences
  • Large religious/cultural gatherings
  • Music concerts, or places where people are singing or shouting
  • Watching sporting events in arenas and stadiums
  • Sexual activity with new people
  • Casinos
  • Indoor party
  • Crowded public transportation (bus, subway)

Medium risk activities include going to the movies, visiting a hair salon or outdoor patio, getting in a taxi, shopping at a mall, and attending a wedding or funeral.

Low risk activities include getting the mail, camping, playing distanced sports such as tennis and golf, or going on socially distanced picnic (which, FYI, Dr. Theresa Tam says would make a great first date).

It's pretty sad that hugging is considered to be a risky activity considering that's what Canadians are most looking forward to, but hey; you can always build a hugging machine.

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