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Man in Canada saves coyote pup from river and casually takes him rafting for 10 days

A coyote pup got an unexpected 10-day boat ride after a rafter fished him out of the Saskatchewan River, performing first-aid to save the animal from drowning.

The man — identified only as Justin — was embarking on a multi-day rafting trip down the Red Deer and South Saskatchewan rivers "when he heard a commotion," per the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan.

Justin told WRSOS that it sounded like a dog fight, so he parked his raft and went up higher to investigate.

It wasn't until Justin was fishing later, however, that he heard the coyote pup squeak in the water. After a mad scramble that resulted in Justin falling in the freezing cold water as well, he managed to get the coyote pup on board the raft.

When it became clear that the coyote pup wasn't breathing, Justin performed a modified Heimlich manoeuvre by pushing on the animal's belly. Miraculously, Justin was able to expel the water and the coyote was revived.

coyote pupAnd the story doesn't end there.

Because Justin was rafting and had limited cellphone reception, he ended up taking the coyote pup — now christened "YipYip" — on his journey with him.

Over 10 days, Justin fed YipYip, letting the pup curl up in his jacket and sleep in his backpack as they rafted down the river.

coyote pupWhen Justin finally found a place where he could get service, he called his wife for advice. They contacted a few organizations in Ontario and Manitoba before they ultimately connected with WRSOS.

Fortunately, the story has a happy ending; YipYip is now working with a wildlife rehabilitator to reintegrate into the wild, which he'll be returned to once he's old enough.

Hopefully, YipYip enjoyed his unexpected cruise.

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