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Man tries to evade border security by floating down river naked in Canada

As the border between the United States and Canada continues to remain closed, it seems that people are getting more and more desperate in their attempts at crossing over. 

One U.S. resident even tried to evade border agents by floating down a river for two-and-a-half hours.

On July 24, authorities from Stevens County, Wash. contacted Grand Forks RCMP to advise them that a stolen vehicle had entered B.C., Canada illegally at the closed Port Cascade border crossing.

The official police report states that a spike belt was deployed by U.S. officials, however, the suspect continued to drive on, allegedly ramming through the barriers at the border before dumping the vehicle and fleeing on foot into Canada.

Grand Forks RCMP officers patrolled the area and eventually located the stolen vehicle just outside the downtown core, however, the man was not found.

Later the same day, the suspect was spotted back where the stolen vehicle was recovered and RCMP officers attempted to arrest him.

After resisting arrest, the man jumped into the waters of the Kettle River, where he floated naked for two-and-a-half hours in an attempt to evade capture.

Grand Forks RCMP and Midway RCMP were eventually able to track the man by walking along both sides of the river bank.

At a point where the river narrowed, an RCMP officer, along with some good Samaritans were able to wade into the river and escort him back to shore.

The man was then taken into police custody and turned over to the Canada Border Service Agency. 

The RCMP will continue to work with its U.S. law enforcement counterparts on their criminal investigation.

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